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Craving In Silence (18+)

Craving In Silence (18+)


Miss Rhe

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Craving In Silence (18+)






Craving In Silence (18+)

Rating: 6.0/10 from 82 ratings

“Why do you have a lot of questions? You just need to say yes or no!” he said and sit next to me, he put me on his lap and I feel the bulge under my back. He take a closer look at my face and slid the finger on my finger, “Marry me.” “You are too demanding! but yes, I’m going to marry you…on paper!” then he plastered a smile on his face and bit his lower lip, “So you’re going to kiss me right now.” “Huh? why?” “Because you finally said yes!” I tried to get away from him and went back to my seat, but his arms locked in my waist, “Kiss me.” “No,” “Kiss me or I won’t marry you!” I stared at him, gasped in my breath, and closed my eyes when I heard an explosion outside. “What the f*ck—”