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Despised Relationships

Despised Relationships



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Despised Relationships

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Every woman's dream is to have a happy family, a loving husband who treats her like a princess. But no two are exactly alike, because on the other hand not everyone is lucky enough to have it. Brianna is the woman who dreamed about this kind of happy ending. But little did she know, she would experience the paradox of it. She married the man who cheated on her multiple times, hit her whenever he's drunk and doesn't even care about her pregnancy.? She does not want to marry this man, despite her longing for him. But everything changed after one night of mistakes. Steve. She married the man she admires from a distance. After marriage, the former sparks was replaced by fear and apprehension. She almost cursed because it was her to marry and not her true fiancè. Not with the woman he so adored. She experienced a lot because of this marriage. She got miscarriage because of this man. She got almost raped when her husband leaved her in the middle of the night just to have sex with someone. She heared her husband moaning while having sex to random girls in their own house—several times. She tried to drown herself in the sea because of depression. She also find out that the man she called Dad was not her real Dad, because this man killed the real one. She also lost her Mom while she's still broke and lost from her Despised Relationships with her husband. She has every reason to give up already. So, when she didn't feel valued by this person, she divorced with the help of a friend. Although the man initially refused, Brianna persisted and made her husband appear tired. That she could no longer be with this kind of man. There is no reason to cling to a relationship in which she is the only one who resists. Steve came to his senses when she resigned as his wife. With this fondness for the lady. It was too late, however, because she had given up. Steve begged and pleaded with them several times to mend their relationship. He sobbed several times while apologizing. He waited on Brianna every day for months to express his regret. Brianna is hurt when she sees someone she cares about cry. It grew tough, and Brianna eventually moved to New York. Far away from Steve, and the people who have harmed her.