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In Love With My Hot Stepbrothers

In Love With My Hot Stepbrothers


Alexia Praks

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In Love With My Hot Stepbrothers






In Love With My Hot Stepbrothers

Rating: 6.0/10 from 37 ratings

Eighteen-year-old Haru Ono has been in love with Aiden Davis since he was in middle school. Trying to keep his feelings under wraps is annoyingly hard when they’re living under the same roof, more so since Aiden is so caring and selflessly showers him with kindness. Haru knows family is important to Aiden, who has been shouldering the burden of raising five younger siblings, and it’s best Haru never reveals his feelings to Aiden. Then again, an eighteen-year-old boy with raging hormones can only bottle up so much until everything starts to burst. Haru's Love is a steamy stepbrothers bl/yaoi/gay harem romance. The uke (main character) will end up with multiple semes (male leads) as the story progresses. Expect lots of steamy scenes and lots of love.