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Lucy Wickshire

Lucy Wickshire


Mfonemana Uduak

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Lucy Wickshire






Lucy Wickshire

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You are about to read the accounts of Lucy Torgenn of Wickshire and the millions of bodies burned as a backdrop to her rage. Lucy Wickshire is a little girl hell-bent to put the realms beneath her so they do not harm her as well as make them pay for killing her mother. Her actions set into motion wheels that turn on command as though touched by the will of a god. As she discovers more of who she is, she drags all who follow her to uncertain fate. a stable boy turned duke, bound to her by a tight string of loyalty her cannot unravel since he first met her; The princess he marries, obsessed with keeping her marriage intact; Her ancient clans, worn down by Lucy Wickshire till they surrender and her childhood friend, propped on the throne to become king of the world and lead her army; His queen, the sister of the stable boy who became Lucy Wickshire's general. A string too far knotted to untie.