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Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir

Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir



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Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir






Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir

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A young flirty billionaire who doesn't believe in love nor marriage is forced to look for a temporary bride when his father threatened to give his shares of the company to his step brother if he doesn't get married within two months. After much search, the only lady he deemed fit to be his contract bride was Monalisa Jacobs. A middle class beautiful and brave young lady who grew up in the streets and had developed slight hatred for the rich due to her past experience with them. Rest assured that she can never fall in love with him, Alexander decided to sign a fake marriage contract with Monalisa who needed money to treat her sick mother. Alexander and monalisa pretended to be a lovely couple outside but deep down in their hearts, they couldn't wait to break off the contract. Two weeks towards the end of the contract, monalisa suddenly announced to Alexander the worst news he had ever received in his life; "I am pregnant for you"