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Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins

Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins


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Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins






Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins

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"Woman, this is what you want, I have seen many cheap prostitutes before but non matches you, so take this as your pay and don't ever come back here in the name of work. In this club we only need professionals" This man is Edward Gray, a top trillionair in the world he is the most richest man in the world, with half face mask he gave an arrogant vibe that he is untouchable. Phelicity Adam, she is a university student that is working part time to pay her school fees, after her mother's death her father married Beatrice Moo and that's when she realized her father cheated on her mother with Beatrice since a young lady almost three years older than her, she is Michelle Adams. being ripped off everything and loosing a home, she was left with no choice but to work, what if Edward misunderstood her for a prostitute when she visited the club and got drugged? and that's how she met her doom Edward Gray. what will happen after this???

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