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Seducing You Is Not Easy

Seducing You Is Not Easy



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Seducing You Is Not Easy






Seducing You Is Not Easy

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what are you doing?" "Taking off your clothes..." She trailed off and let her feeble fingers down his pale white skin "Such cheap tricks don't work on me!" He smirks and caught her hands before they reach his abdomen "Oh yeah, we'll see about that Mr. Poker-face" she jested at him and turn away to leave He pull her back still holding her hands and let her body rest on his bare chest "But I can make you fall for me instead" he told her with more grinning face, he bring his lips closer to her and watch her get smitten. ~ Lee Weaver is not sure what attracts him to Callie, She's just some girl from the club who dances on a pole But Callie is sure what attracts her to Vice-chairman Lee Weaver, the owner of about fifty five hotels round the world and that thing is money! Which she will get and pull out as soon as possible just like every other men she has been involved with ....But maybe this time around, it won't be the same when she finds out they're connected in more ways than one and not a pleasant one at that.