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That Night

That Night


Kim Swan

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That Night






That Night

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Ten years ago, on a high school prom night, Ariana Lee unconsciously had sex with a random classmate while drunk. A month later, her parents found out she was pregnant. To save her from the embarrassment of not knowing the real father of her child, her brother connived with her best friend to claim the pregnancy and that changed her life forever. After 10 years’ struggle, Ariana still couldn't come to terms with herself for her mistake that night. She started self-harming and eventually chose to flee from home, abandoning her Six-year-old son with his father. Ariana became very broke and jobless. In a plight to get a high paying job, she is forced to hide the fact that she was a single mom as Kyle, her boss has an immense hatred for single moms because of his rough childhood. How long will Ariana be able to hide the truth and keep her job? What will happen if Kyle eventually finds out about Ariana's secret? Will Ariana ever come to know the truth about her baby's father or will she continue to get swayed by her brother's lies? Follow me and find out!