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The Pain of a Companion

The Pain of a Companion



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The Pain of a Companion






The Pain of a Companion

Rating: 6.0/10 from 9 ratings

For fans of "The Sexy Alpha Demon" comes "The Pain of a Companion." Betrayed, Condemned and left for dead by the people he once thought would become his family the home he had never had and always longed for, the image of the man he loves, and his past disturb his dreams turning them into constant nightmare, impossible to forget. His partner, the man who promised him the moon, the sky and the stars as the child he once was, could not have been anything less than one of his executioners, one of the many who, by condemning him, made him live in the worst of hills for long enough to corrupt him. Now two years after leaving that place and being free Jason begins a new life with his friends, with no place for the past, his past, it is a pity that fate has other plans and is determined to reunite him with his partner, his executioner, the man he hates with the same passion with which he loves him. Betrayal, pain and the unbridled passion of two souls that are destined to be together, not to be missed.