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The Prince's Sex Slave

The Prince's Sex Slave



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The Prince's Sex Slave






The Prince's Sex Slave

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Oh no, what was he doing to me? I could barely control myself again and I wanted him at that particular time. "When he slid his cock into her pussy, her joy knew no bounds. She felt her inside receive him with a sweet response. She moaned pleasurably as he started thrusting into her." He continued. And that was it, I lost it at that particular point. I didn't even know when I let out a moan. I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. It was just so embarrassing. He stopped his story and stared at me for a moment. "Do you want my help?" He inquired with a smirk on his face. My eyes widened. He walked towards me and brought his hands close to my thighs, then slid his hands into my panties. ***************** Lisa has been maltreated by her adopted parents and just when she thought it was going to end, she gets sold to the Prince as a sex slave. Prince Richard, a sex addict who couldn't get his mind off Lisa as soon as he saw her. After finding out she was a novice when it came to sex, he goes on a quest to teach her everything that had to do with sex. Starting from sex stories to orgies, he was ready to train her to become a professional sex slave. But when he falls in love with her and tries to get married to her, the truth is spilled and their marriage gets cancelled. Will Lisa be able to find a way back into his heart again especially when there are a lot of enemies in the Palace or will she give up? *Matured Scenes*

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