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The Virus Within: The Road Ahead (Book 1)

The Virus Within: The Road Ahead  (Book 1)



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The Virus Within: The Road Ahead (Book 1)






The Virus Within: The Road Ahead (Book 1)

Rating: 6.0/10 from 352 ratings

How hard can it be to locate your sister? Well, in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, that might be easier said than done, especially if you're a zombie. * * * * * As humankind is driven close to extinction by a zombie apocalypse, Trinity searches for her sister, hoping to find her still alive among the scattered survivors. But even if Trinity manages to find her, how will Jess react when she discovers Trinity is now a zombie? Plagued by the bloodthirsty influences of the zombie virus, Trinity must fight against its attempts to steal her humanity. The virus is relentless and fully convinced that humans are the best prey around, but giving into that temptation would strip her of her mind and reduce her to just another member of the mindless horde. While searching for more hidden survivors, Trinity comes across a handful of stranded humans, one of whom sets an entirely new definition for the word crazy. Helping them to safety wasn't part of her plans, nor did she realize how often vehicles could break down. Rediscovering her sense of humor was the last thing she expected, but amid the insanity of a trip through a zombie-infested landscape, it might be her best defense in retaining her sanity. As Trinity soon discovers, road trips never go as planned, especially when traveling with a group of humans during a zombie apocalypse. If dish soap, rutabagas, and soup cans aren't an essential part of your zombie apocalypse kit, then you better grab them now! All books in this series are part of the Paid Stories program. Cover designed by Marie Tilmant